Mar 2019

Becoming Legendary with Veronica Lynn Clark #34 | A Vibetality Podcast

March 15, 2019

Paradigm Shifter, Author, Speaker 

Veronica Lynn Clark Is an acclaimed healing spirit of radical self-care and spiritual growth. Veronica is the Creatrix behind the Way of the Wild Woman and a catalyst in guiding women to knowing their spiritual nature and feminine expression of their “whole-being”. Triumphing over anxiety and depression stemming from years of childhood sexual trauma, Veronica weaves mind-body modalities of yoga, meditation, and holistic nutrition to advocate renewed passion and zeal for life.


3 Day Expo - April 12, 13, 14th 2019: Tickets 

“Beauty Within – Humanity’s spiritual calling of becoming Beautiful” is a 3-day gathering of Spiritual and Wellness Practitioners that will share integrative approaches that bridge Indigenous Traditions with Contemporary wellness practices to heal the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.


Ticket Level Descriptions:

General Admission - 1 Day entry to schedule sessions, and exhibitor area.

VIP All Access - 3 Days entry to scheduled sessions, exhibitors area, Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Healing Ceremony, and Drum Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony - Entry into Friday evening ceremony and reception

Shamanic Healing Ceremony - Entry into Saturday evening ceremony and reception

Drumming Ceremony - Entry into Sunday evening ceremony and reception

Ceremony All Access - Entry into Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Ceremony and receptions

Exhibitor - vending booth area (8' x 8'), 2 General Admission tickets, and multi-marketing platform.




As an Exhibitor, you will be showcasing products, services, and merchandise that will provide our customers with premier remedies for traumatic inflected illnesses. Your role will be to bridging the gap between health care providers and health seeking individuals, you will expand the healing movement to improve accessibility and optimize human potential through holistic modalities to heal Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.

·     Create brand awareness

·     Access to a broad customer base

·     Build your database

·     Distribution of information

·     Maintain and build relationships

·     Associate your brand with a positive event.

·     Maximum media exposure.

Exhibitor Applications can be required by sending email to:



As a Volunteer, you will be assisting the event coordinators in various capacity during the Expo, including ushers, monitors, assisting speakers, and other related light duty work. You will be scheduled in 4-hour shifts per day. There are benefits that you will receive for donating your time. To learn more about Volunteer Benefits and to register yourself as a volunteer, send your request to: