May 2022

Becoming Legendary Podcast #80 Dr. Sara Asadoorian

Join us as we have an incredible chat with Dr. Asadoorian about movement, health, and wellness. 

You can find Sara's morning routine checklist at:

IG: @Dr.Sara.Asadoorian

Apr 2022
Mar 2022

The Invisible Path # 20 | Put Your Shopping Cart Away

Patrick rants about objective reality, subjective perspective, responsibility, yoga, and putting your shopping carts away.

Mar 2022

Becoming Legendary # 78 Jesse & Michael from Optimyze

Becoming Legendary #78is a conversation with two business owners. Jesse and Micahel of Optimyze who run a bio-hacking business in Phoenix. The conversation itself stays pretty surface level, but its a good window into the world of business owners working on the front edge of health and wellness ideology.


Jesse Moreng has made Phoenix his home but was born and raised in New Jersey. He is a proud father of two children and loves spending time with them and learning from them. Jesse is passionate about helping people utilize natural and powerful modalities to achieve health and happiness and connection to their true source through nature's answers and the breath. Founding the business "Optimyze" in 2017 with business partner Michael Roviello has been instrumental in aligning with his purpose. My passion for health and healing stemmed from witnessing the mental and physical suffering which members of my family, friends and community members were going through. One of his greatest joys is witnessing others step into their own power realizing that they hold immense control to influence their own inner strength, health and happiness. Jesse was a competitive high school and collegiate wrestler (Boston University). He also was an amateur boxer and then successful mixed martial artists competing professionally for over 7 years record of 9-1. Jesse is a martial artist, a yogi, a breathwork coach (and student) and a health coach. Jesse has an associates degree from Boston University and Bachelors from Arizona State University. Jesse has been practicing yoga since 2001 and found it as a tool to get out of his mind and connect with the body and breath. Jesse became A certified Wim Hof Method instructor in 2017 which utilizes powerful breathing techniques, gradual cold exposure and mindset training to gain a new influence and control over our human systems that enable an overall strengthening and resiliency. Jesse has studied a variety of other breath practices and continues his journey as both a student and a teacher. Jesse has also owned and operated a local Phoenix based commercial landscape business for over a decade which has employed hundreds of individuals from the community and is Arizona's first commercial landscape business to eliminate the use of the harmful chemical glyphosate. Jesse enjoys nature, gardening and is most proud of being a father to two incredible children. Michael, cofounder of Optimyze, a Human Optimization Center with multiple locations in AZ is a New York City native, who chose to leave his hometown of Queens to join the U.S Navy in 1999. With years of conducting helicopter search and rescue missions deployed around the globe as a helicopter rescue swimmer, combat search and rescue crewman and anti-submarine warfare operator deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. After many bouts with cervical spine issues, neurological pain and degradation surgery, Michael turned to natural /alternative methods after fully exploring western science medical practices, spine surgery, pain management, pharmaceutical intervention and advice. Using lessons learned and research from his journey into natural and alternative methods learning from some of the best in their fields, Michael became a Wim Hof Method certified instructor teaching across the U.S and Mexico. Michael, a teacher by nature with a master’s degree in adult education and training, considers himself a student for life in the area of self-exploration, biohacking, wellness and ancient practices that have stood the test of time.

Feb 2022

The Invisible Path #19 Questions, Questions Questions.

A short Patrick solo-cast, Patrick answers the following questions: What's is your favorite childhood book? What's is the best book you've read recently?

What do you think about joe rogan?

Are you a lion or a sheep?

If you needed to live in a different state, which state would it be?

What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?

What is the hardest thing in your life right now?

What is the best thing happening on the planet right now?

What are you working on in your life right now?

Patrick, are you married? If not why do you wear a wedding?

We all have things in our past that we regret if you could go back and change one thing about your life what would it be?

Feb 2022

The Invisible Path #18 Is Inflation A Problem?

The boys do a little dive into inflation. Joel sums up the problems with inflation and its long-term impact. Patrick asks is it really that bad?

Feb 2022

Becoming Legendary #77 with Kate Shipp

Kate Shipp is a Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and holds an ERYT500 and continuing education provider through Yoga Alliance. She specializes in working with clients in trauma recovery and mental health. Kate blends yoga therapy, energy medicine, and spiritual coaching to help her clients find a deep well of peaceful safety inside, reclaiming their joy, and remembering their wholeness. Her work is done in-person or remotely, and can be combined with other approaches of medicine and wellness. Kate is a best-selling author of two compilation books and a motivational speaker. Her work as a yoga therapist was featured in a documentary called, The Box: Out of the Impossible, a story of recovery from horrific trauma and abuse. Her memoir of recovery from ComplexPTSD will be published March 21, 2022.


Jan 2022
Jan 2022

The Invisible Path #17 Magic & Mushrooms Part Two

On this Invisible Path #17, the Boys continue to discuss Joel discovering a new species of mushroom before jumping into a wider discussion of magic and mushrooms. 

Join Joel Greene, husband, father, engineer, & designer of biohacking gear that helps guys level up their hormones ( & Joel is a contrarian thinker who also known for discovering a new species of mushroom & Patrick Brennan an independent seeker, creator of Whole Body Vibration Yoga the founder of Vibetality, Sacred Plant Co, and 5th and Arcadia.

These days if you follow society’s playbook for life you’re set up to be a victim or at least hustled to some degree out of time, money, connection, health, the meaning of life. To thrive today you’ve got to ignore many of the mainstream narratives, sometimes you may have to go against the narratives altogether. In doing this, you may appear to others as stupid and even conspiratorial - concerned with things that most deem not worthy of consideration.

Jan 2022

Becoming Legendary # 76 with Laura McKinzie

Laura is the founder of Laura McKinzie Yoga, which inspires people to live their best life now through the practice of Yoga.  Laura is the author of “Cues for Yoga,” a book to support Yoga Teachers with clear, concise set-up cues and effective follow-up cues for alignment and deeper connection. 

Since 2012, Laura has led the “Unity” Yoga Teacher Training Program, teaching hundreds of students the ancient science of yoga. She also served as the Director of the 200-hour YTT at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona for 7 years. Laura is a Yoga Nidra Facilitator and is grateful to be a part of the I AM Yoga Nidra teaching team at SWIHA.

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